Rwandan President Revs Up For Nigerian-Made Tractors In African Agriculture Push

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News in brief:
- Rwanda President Paul Kagame has expedited plans to acquire Nigerian-made tractors, directing the Nigerian High Commission to fast-track their procurement.
– The move is part of Rwanda’s effort to become an East African agricultural powerhouse, ensuring food security and boosting export potential to Europe through mechanised farming.

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has fast-tracked plans to acquire Nigerian-made tractors, in a move aimed at transforming agriculture across both nations. He reportedly directed his Nigerian High Commission to expedite procurement of the air-conditioned farm machines.

The decision stems from Rwanda’s ambitious goal of becoming an East African agricultural powerhouse. It aims to achieve food security for its citizens and unlock export potential to Europe by prioritizing mechanised farming.

Rwandan High Commission counsellor, Vianney Rubagumya, spoke to newsmen about the development in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, recently, at the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony of the tractors. He hailed the Bob Tractors’ adaptability to African conditions, calling them a game changer for massive food production.

The 120-horsepower tractors are reportedly built to thrive in the African sun and handle rugged terrain. They switch between roles as harvesters, planters, and bush clearers, simplifying farm operations and reducing reliance on imported parts.

Expressing satisfaction at the event, the Managing Director of Bob Tractors Nigeria Limited, emphasized the need for stakeholders to pay attention to agriculture. He stated that the country’s crude oil will soon dry up, but its soil and agriculture will remain forever.

Subsequently, he underscored the immense potential of mechanized farming, highlighting its ability to surpass even oil and gas in terms of revenue generation.

Meantime, the occasion witnessed the attendance of representatives of the Rivers State Government, Manufacturers Association, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture. They all spoke eloquently about the need for governments, corporate bodies, and individuals to focus on agriculture for food security.

Overall, analysts say the development holds significant promise for Nigeria. They observe that the potential sale of Bob Tractors to Rwanda, will invigorate local manufacturing and create jobs in Port Harcourt.

Joseph Akahome
Joseph Akahome
Joseph O Akahome (OJ) is a writer, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Literature from the University of Benin. He is an avid agriculturist, with a bias for poultry and an insatiable appetite for chicken wings. When he is neither reading nor researching, he likes to spend recreational time playing board games, or swimming in serene forested lakes.


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