Nigeria To Boost Agricultural Exports With Agency Collaboration, Enforcement Push

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News in Brief:
– Nigeria’s agricultural exports sector gets a boost as key agencies NAQS and OGFZA join forces to streamline trade and protect the economy.
– The collaboration will also address delays in clearing agricultural exports, aiming to attract more businesses and reduce post-harvest losses.

In a move to strengthen and bolster the nation’s agricultural exports, two key government agencies, the Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS) and the Nigeria Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority (OGFZA), have joined forces. This collaboration aims to streamline trade procedures and safeguard Nigeria’s agricultural economy.

The partnership, announced following a high-level meeting between NAQS acting Comptroller-General Dr. Godwin Audu and OGFZA Managing Director Bamanga Jada, underscores both agencies’ commitment to promoting trade while upholding international phytosanitary standards.

Facilitating exports and ensuring standards

Dr. Audu emphasized the quarantine service’s dedication to supporting exporters in meeting global standards and simplifying regulatory processes. He stated that the agency understood the critical role of agricultural exports and imports in economic growth. He also conveyed its commitment to providing necessary guidance and support to exporters and importers.

Audu expressed appreciation for OGFZA’s donation of office space at Onne Seaport within their Port Harcourt complex, highlighting their commitment to supporting NAQS operations.

Meantime, Jada echoed the significance of collaboration, stressing the need for joint efforts to protect Nigeria’s agricultural wealth. He commended NAQS’ commitment to balancing trade promotion with stringent standards and emphasized the importance of a harmonious working relationship between the two agencies.

Recall that the agricultural quarantine agency had already promised to speed up inspection and certification procedures for agricultural exports to simplify the process and attract more businesses to the sector. At the time, Audu had said that the coming changes will ease the burden on agro-exporters and significantly reduce the processing time for export documentation.

The delay in clearing agricultural products for exports contributes to a significant amount of post-harvest losses. Reducing this delay is expected to yield positive results.

Joseph Akahome
Joseph Akahome
Joseph O Akahome (OJ) is a writer, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Literature from the University of Benin. He is an avid agriculturist, with a bias for poultry and an insatiable appetite for chicken wings. When he is neither reading nor researching, he likes to spend recreational time playing board games, or swimming in serene forested lakes.



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