6 Things I Learnt Summiting Kilimanjaro – Adefemi Adeniyi

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Climbing to Uhuru Peak at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro was a prominent item on my bucket list which I have now put out of the way. Here are six lessons that will help you climb more literal mountains and the mountains of life.

1. Pole Pole (Swahili for slowly slowly)

Mountain: You may be deceived initially by your fitness and that you feel good, so want to punch it fast, however you will realise from three thousand meters that every step must be thought through, measured, and taken slowly to conserve your energy and give you a good chance at success.

Life: Your big and small decisions and movements in life must also be measured, thought through, and taken slowly, so that you don’t go too fast, crash and burn.

2. Fortune favors the prepared

Mountain: Your fitness may mask your inadequate preparation at low altitudes. At higher altitudes, fitness, appropriate clothing, acclimatisation, vitamins, electrolytes etc. etc. will all give a better chance at success.

Life: You can fake or wing it through the lower rungs of the ladder of life; however, the upper rungs and leadership requires preparation, and a lack of it will reduce your chances of success at it.

3. Descent may be quick but painful

Mountain: It took me 4 days to summit and 1 day to descend. The prize was at the top and I hurt my toes on a fast descent.

Life: Most times, a fall from grace to grass is quick and hurtful, and you may get no prize for it.

Adefemi Adeniyi on his Kilimanjaro. Image Source: The Junction.

4. Life can be lived with a little

Mountain: I lived for 5 days without a shower, a bed and great food, but I was always grateful to lay my head to sleep at the end of every cold and tiring day of climbing, and at the end of a successful summit.

Life: Good hygiene is important; however, Life can be lived happily with the basics, with gratitude. We worry too much about thing we may not need.

5. We Africans seem to be no longer very adventurous

Mountain: for 5 days I saw only 2 set of African asides the guides, porters, chefs, and stewards-an African American lady who summited, and a couple from South Africa on a day hike. I met and greeted multiples of other nationalities and races. Funny, I had the same experience on my bungee jump at Victoria Falls.

Life: Maybe we are also not adventurous enough in driving our continent to its social and economic prosperity.

6. It pays to be professional, helpful, and nice

Mountain: My crew of guide, porter, chef, and steward were professional, nice, and courteous; therefore, it was very easy for me to part ways with a $500 tip.

Life: Being professional, helpful, courteous, and nice will likely get you the good things of life and to the top, rather than being the opposite.

About Adefemi Adeniyi: He is a dynamic Business and International Development Professional with extensive senior level experience of implementing and managing high value business and marketing solutions within the Consulting Banking & Financial, FMCG and Consumer Technology sectors.

He has a demonstrable track record of success in senior leadership roles managing large scale programmes, designing and implementing innovative new business models, latest as Managing Director at AgroMall Limited, and previously as Marketing Director with Funds and Electronic Transfer Solutions (FETS), as Business Development Manager at Funds and Electronic Transfer Solutions and Country Manager with JEJ Garmin.

He is a highly motivated individual with significant experience in providing inspirational leadership in large and complex organisations and delivering outstanding results. He has a charismatic business leader with vision, drive and the proven ability to stimulate positive change and to successfully deliver planned outcomes of real quality and value.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Adefemi. With these important lessons you learned and shared, I think I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro soon.


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